A NEW FACE OF RUGS – Münchner Teppich Manufaktur (MTM), a company with a long and illustrious history going back to 1921, has recently undergone some big changes. Following an office move from Munich to Schnabelwaid, also in Bavaria, much of 2016 has been spent preparing something new for 2017.

Working with contemporary artist Stephan Geisler, the brand will present a collection of hand-knotted rugs at interior design fair imm Cologne in January 2017. The carpets are limited-edition works, and each piece is signed and numbered as is customary for works of art.

To see a face in a rug design is still something out of the ordinary, though recent years have seen several high-profile design brands incorporate the motif. K. Michelle Evans of Ayka Design often works with faces, and Henzel Studio has put Andy Warhol’s iconic image of Marilyn Monroe on the latest line of rugs (see COVER 45). Geisler’s take on the subject is a painterly one – it is clear that he is an artist accustomed to making portraits. The palette is bold and contemporary with splashes of orange and pink, the treatment reminiscent of loose brushwork. The project is a brave break with tradition, and is sure to set MTM on a new path.